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Dúvidas / Onde Comprar???
« em: Março 26, 2007, 12:11:10 pm »

Alguem sabe onde posso comprar este gatilho???

Violent Products Ion Scythe Trigger

Se souberem digam qualquer coisa!!


Novidades / Spyder Vs Series
« em: Setembro 27, 2006, 03:13:52 pm »
As novas Spyder!

"VS Series – The Future of Spyder Paintball Markers

We at Kingman Group, known throughout the world for introducing the best selling Spyder paintball markers, are focusing all of our research and development toward the next level 3rd generation Spyder, set to launch October 2, 2006. The NEW VS Series product line will move the Spyder brand toward the future, providing fast, reliable, performance driven paintball markers. We first showed the VS Series markers at the Millennium Cup in Paris, and then at the NPPL paintball events in Boston, and San Diego. The players fortunate enough to witness the VS markers have spoken with anticipation and praise. The overall consensus is a feature packed Spyder that feels amazing in the hands and is easy on the eyes. We feel the value will be overwhelming once we release the VS Series, the future of Spyder paintball markers.

What is the VS Series

For more than two years we have looked for ways to create a paintball marker that captures all the elements of this sport’s futures including looks, rate of fire, efficiency, and feel. We have achieved these goals and will bring to market the NEW VS Series markers, built with 3G technology including a patent pending low pressure, high performance Balance Valve. The Spyder VS2 with Infiniti Trigger and Spyder VS3 with Rocking Trigger will utilize this 3G technology Balance Valve, making the marker operational at 200psi while maintaining incredible speed and ultimate comfort.

Looking for ways to evolve the Spyder product line, the VS Series paintball markers will include features like Break Beam Eyes, Electronic functions with a dual touch switch, a mini C/A regulator with on/off dial, a vertical adapter with low pressure gauge, a 12” two piece micro ported barrel, a low rise adjustable feed neck, and a Delrin bolt with lock cocking knob. The Spyder VS2 will come standard with the VS Infiniti Trigger providing a fluid feel to the marker with a 25 shot per second firing rate. The VS3 will come standard with a VS Rocking Trigger allowing up to 30 shots per second with two contact points for a maximum rate of fire. Both markers will maintain a sleek all Aluminum body style allowing the user to feel connected to the speed, and accuracy of the VS Series.

Knowing that all paintball players are unique, we have created custom dust finish color Body Kits to individualize your VS marker. The custom five piece Body Kits will come available in Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue and will include eye covers, feed neck, low pressure chamber, rubber fore grip, and a striker plug. Also available is the Spyder 14” two piece Aero twist barrel with optional color tips to enhance the look, and accuracy of the VS marker.

The fluid all Aluminum VS Series receiver design protects the internal 3G technology patent pending Balance Valve that allows the marker to operate at 200psi. While keeping state of the art design in mind, we have developed this custom valve that can attribute to the speed, and “never before experienced” feeling you get while shooting the VS Series markers. The 3G technology also incorporates a lightweight striker, softer springs, and an increase in chamber capacity enhancing the low pressure functionality of the VS marker.

We showed the VS markers to the public at the last three pro level paintball events. “There were lines of people wanting to be the first to hold the markers. The response was well received, as we have put our time and dedication into making this marker the future of paintball”, says Event Manager Jason Donaldson.

“This is an exciting time for Spyder,” says Arthur Chang, CEO of Kingman Group. “We have put forth great efforts to give the paintball player a reliable product with the VS Series marker, which will include never before seen speed, comfort, and efficiency.” He continues, “We have always worked hard to maintain our leadership in the paintball industry and the value of Spyder markers will continue to grow as we provide products that are dedicated to the latest technology and future of this sport. We couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming release of our 3rd generation Spyder and the direction in which we are headed.”

The all new VS Series line will officially launch October 2, 2006."

Dúvidas / Cano para uma ION de Recreativo
« em: Setembro 25, 2006, 04:43:09 pm »
Pessoal ando a pensar em comprar um cano para a minha ion! Máximo dos máximos um 14! Penso k seria o ideal!
Apenas tenho dúvidas quanto ao cano a escolher! Já ouvi falar mt bem dos freak mas são um pouco pro caros, será k compensa?
Se puderem postem aki as vossas opiniões!


Geral / Dia D!!!
« em: Setembro 15, 2006, 06:59:48 pm »
Para quando mais info sobre o dia D? É mt ansiedade lol!!!


Dúvidas / Teardrop?!!!
« em: Setembro 12, 2006, 07:56:47 pm »
Boas, ando a pensar em comprar um cano da smartparts. Um SP Progressive!  Mas tambem já ouvi dixer k os teardrop são bons! mas não sei bem qual a diferença alguem me pode explicar!?


Multimédia / OK D-day 06 Omahaa Beach
« em: Julho 15, 2006, 03:14:06 pm »

Dúvidas / Colete Táctico RAP4!! Opiniões:
« em: Julho 06, 2006, 11:54:39 pm »

Tou a postar pk preciso de saber algumas opiniões sobre o o colete RAP4! Se é bom, se vale apena comprar etc...! Peço a quem o tenha que deixe aki as suas opiniões acerca do mesmo!

Já agora se souberem de mais algum colete do género e quiserem dixer qual é e a vossa opinião sobre ele, estejam há vontade!


Dúvidas / Lojas Online?????
« em: Julho 01, 2006, 03:05:41 pm »
Pessoal quais são as melhores lojas online? As que tenham maior diversidade de material e melhores preços?


Dúvidas / Spyder TLX - Manutenção???
« em: Junho 26, 2006, 01:16:40 pm »
Pessoal comprei uma spyder TLX como 1º marcador! Excelente, até agora! Como sou novato por estas andanças do paintball, gostaria de saber como devo faxer a manutenção da minha spyder! Quando, onde, e como é k devo por óleo, quais os upgrades k devo pensar faxer, essas cenas assim!
Se me Puderem Ajudar agradecia!


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